When You Have A Day That Only A Cupcake With Too Much Icing Will Cure

Only a short time ago I shared Abner's near death experience with anaphylaxis and guess what, he is STILL TRYING TO KILL HIMSELF!!!

Last Tuesday we were all sitting quietly on the couch when all of a sudden Abner jumped up and started walking around as if he were drunk, or having a seizure, or both.  He paced back and forth looking as though he was going to vomit, his sad little face contoured in pain.  I, of course, panic and think the IS in fact dying until I realize that it is more than likely his back.

Sure enough, after the original freak out, he started exhibiting classic symptoms of back pain.  We called our awesome vet who puts HIMSELF on call every night and he told us to give him a muscle relaxer and a pain pill and come in early the next morning. 

Of course all this is happening while the baby is screaming and won't sleep.  So I spent the night in the bedroom with Caches, worrying about Abner all night while Ryan camped out in the front room with the dogs probably worrying about me. 

The next morning they squeezed us in and no surprise, his back is worse.  The slipped disc is now compressing the spine causing some loss of sensation and sciatic like pain that shoots through his body like it does in humans.  Having had sciatica problems myself I feel for the poor guy.   It is really important that we keep him from jumping off of anything or the next step could be surgery.  We have already spent a small fortune on this dog, why not add thousands of dollars for surgery.

Well, he spent the entire day in the hospital for x-rays and the kind of drugs I wish they'd give me and is now slowing returning to his old self.  This means that he is an absolute basket case of energy that wants to jump on EVERYTHING and run around and burn out on the hardwood floors and play and bark and drive mama nuts. 

Making sure Abner isn't trying to kill himself is a full time job in and of itself.  Now add to that my kid who thinks sleeping is the worst idea EVER, my body who decided to give up and finally get a sinus infection and you have one hell of a day. 

Just this morning I was attempting to keep the baby asleep in my arms a little bit longer when Georgia decided to jump onto the bed causing Abner to attempt to follow.  I gave him the death stare and so instead of jumping he started barking.  Perfect.  Now the baby is stirring and the dog is barking and you guessed it, the cat is retching...and vomiting on my feet.  At this point I stopped, looked around and was like, fuck Kim Kardashian, where is MY reality show!!!

Abner, looking out the window


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