Picture Friday

Remember picture Friday in school when class by class you were shuffled into the gym, lined up and one by one a photographer snapped your individual photo and a class shot?  And then there was the picture "form" that you had to bring home and fill out before picture day.  Your parents had to choose how much they loved you many pictures they actually wanted to purchase of you sitting in front of some banal backdrop with a half assed smile on your face.  How many wallets should I order?  Humm...how many people do I know that want to carry around a picture of my awkward 3ed grader in their wallet?  Make that ZERO...I mean, 25...yes sweetie, I'll pass out all 25.

Then, 10 years later while going through your belongings before heading off to college you find 150 wallet sized photos documenting your killer fashion sense through the 80's shoved in some drawer because guess what, nobody wants them.  I'm sure my mom, like yours, checked a few boxes to make you feel loved and then let out a big sigh because the last thing she needed was MORE pictures of her kid.  Or maybe your parents actually liked the school pictures and had them chronologically displayed in a custom frame in the hallway. 

I, like my mother, am not a big fan of posed pictures of people on the walls.  We have one wedding photo displayed, but even that seems kind of strange.  Why is there a picture of me in my house? I know what I look like and thanks to the baby it is that, plus about 10 pounds around the middle!  I am much more excited about candid, emotional photos of babies in the bathtub, dogs in the grass and pictures where you can't see my face!  But I'm sure when Caches brings home the "class picture form" I'll check a few boxes, force people to take pass out wallet sized shots and remind him to bring a comb. Because if he has Nessier hair, he's going to need one.


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