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Is He a Good Baby? And Other Really Annoying Questions

Every mother knows that going out in public with a baby brings on an outrageous amount of unsolicited advice from obnoxious well meaning strangers, but what's up with all the questions?  Oh my goodness...the QUESTIONS!!

Does he use a pacifier?  Are you breastfeeding?  Why are you still breastfeeding?  Does he sleep through the night?  Is he in his own bed?  Why isn't that baby wearing a hat?  It's cold.  Boy or girl? Is he a good baby?  Are you just so in love?  Why do you hold that baby so much?  You will spoil him.

Are you kidding me!?

Now, I understand that most people just like babies and are trying to strike up casual conversation so they can touch my baby with their questionably clean hands and tell me to enjoy every second, BUT some of these questions rub me the wrong way.  Perhaps it is because of the "kind" of baby I have and perhaps it is because I just don't have the answer they are looking for.

Does he use a pacifier?  My answer: Yep, he does.  Wh…

Walk The Line

We have a walker.  A cautious, only 4-5 steps at a time walker, but a walker no less.  I haven't been able to catch it on camera because if he sees me or anyone else holding the phone/video camera he just wants to eat it and whines instead of walking.  So in the mean time, enjoy a video of him practicing with his little cart. 

Where Have I Been? Four Words

Sick. Baby. Sick. Husband.  
Hummm, now that I think about it those are kind of the same thing.  At any rate, add those together, sprinkle on the fact that Caches thought sleeping was a complete waste of time for a good 3.5 weeks and top it off with me being flat lazy and not able to rub two brain cells together to write and there you have it. 

The good news is that the baby has yet to kill me, just my brain cells, and I have kind of been remembering to snap more pictures here and there.  You want more good news you say?  Okay, I aim to please.  Caches has officially taken his first steps and is getting better and better at walking every day.  He still refuses to even try crawling, but I have a feeling that will fall into place when he is damn good and ready, like everything. 

Wait, did I say that was good news?  Blessing in disguise?  Which I never understood the idea of anyway...Yeah, kind of good news but also kind of an extra added bonus annoyance.  Now he wants to get down and p…

When the Cat Hits the Fan

We usually see Georgia at least once during the course of a day, so when Ryan hadn't seen her at all by dinner time, he asked if I had.  Nope, and I don't care...

"You haven't seen her and you don't care?"

"She is dead to me."

Laughing..."And why is that?"

"I'm over her shit.  I'm done. So over it in fact, that Webster needs a new word for it.  Like supercalafragafuckingoverit! Exclamation point!"

"I'm assuming she threw up again."

"Twice on the comforter last night just as I had gotten comfortable and once this morning that I nearly stepped in.  She then proceeded to spend the ENTIRE day sleeping on the bed mocking me."

"She was mocking you?"

"She ABSOLUTELY was!"  

This is the point when Ryan knows it is best not to disagree.  Just smile and and nod.

Happy Easter

I hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend
Abner giving Caches bunny ears :)

Taking a Walk

I know I keep mentioning that Caches is trying to walk, but where is the proof!?  Well, like everyone else in this family he has performance anxiety and the second the camera is on him he freezes.  Luckily we were really persistent and out of 15 failed videos we got one decent one...and then when the camera was put away he was walking up a storm around the table and with us only holding one finger.  Sigh

I particularly like that Abner is trying to steal the show by rolling around in the background.  

Take Two

Caches had his nine month doctors appointment this Monday and besides a physical, he is 17 lb 12 oz and 29 inches long, the doctor ordered a blood draw to check his iron and hemoglobin levels.  Sure, why not, let's see just how loud this kid can scream.  So after darting around avoiding loud noises and nap annoyances a nap in the ergo and a kombucha to calm my nerves, we headed to the lab. 

It was decided that Ryan, though he just had elbow surgery (more about that later), would hold Caches down and I would sing softly in his ear while he quietly sat and had his blood drawn.  Hey, a girl can dream. Well, in true Caches form, he started screaming the second his movement was restricted and kept the exact same enthusiasm and volume throughout the draw.

Of course hearing my baby scream breaks my heart and make my boobs ache, and I would gladly take ANY and all pain for him, but to be honest, he throws the same level of screaming spitting holding his breath fit if I don't give him…

9 Months

Caches Michael,

Today you are nine months old.  Holy cow, that means you have been outside of my body almost as long as you were inside (five days past your eviction day thankyouverymuch) and I think you are FINALLY starting to get the hang of this whole living on planet earth thing. 

You now smile brightly when you see someone you know and even at friendly strangers and other children.  Caches, we waited a LONG time for that smile to spread easily across your face, and now that it does, I simply can not get enough of it.  I'd stare at your smile all day if I could, baby.  You even have two little crooked teeth that peek out from your bottom gums, and by the amount of fuss they caused coming out, I assume they are made of flaming hot daggers; they are sharp!

You still absolutely refuse to even TRY crawling and when you end up on your belly you raise all your limbs as if you are free falling or balancing on a surf board.  Sometimes you will do baby push ups or raise your butt in t…