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A Real Pain in the Neck (Part 1)

After a wonderful Christmas we decided it would be equally wonderful to go get messages from the little place down the street.  Relaxing music, dim lights, oils.  NO.  It is one big open room, nobody speaks English and the therapisist chit chat with one another the entire time.  But it is only $19 for 40 minutes and they do one hell of a job on your knots.

Ryan and Shannon got full body massages while I opted for a chair massage as I still have a hard time laying on my huge sore boobs stomach.  The first 30 minutes were pure bliss.  He was working on my shoulders and getting all the kinks out when suddenly I felt a bit sick.  I know that sometimes when you get massaged they release a lot of toxins so I figured that is what it was and tried to relax. 

Still feeling sick a few moments later, I asked the therapist to stop for a second and that is all I remember. 

Everything went black.

I woke up about a minute later to Ryan holding me up and rubbing my back, a terrified look in his eyes.…

Merry Christmas

This is our Christmas card from last year.  I'm sure most of you have seen it but if not, enjoy and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
Ryan swears I staged this picture with a tall can but I assure you that he purchased, drank, and left that tall boy on the carpet all by himself

How it Happened

Well, you already know how it happened but if you were sick that day in school, I'll explain.  Ryan and I called the stork and told him we would be interested in a baby around June.  After checking his busy schedule, we do live in Salinas after all, he agreed to deliver around the 27th. 

Now that we've cleared that up, can I tell you how embarrassing it is to tell your family that you are knocked up.  Basically it was like, "Hey mom, we have lots of sex,"  "Guess what grandma, I totally wrecked my wife."  I know that is not what they hear, but I swear it feels like that is what is coming out.  After each person we told I was like oh great, now EVERYBODY is going to know we do it!

So now that you know, let me tell you just how complicated it was; not the sex, the finding out.  I'll try to be brief because let's be honest, it's not that exciting.  

I was late so I took a test...negative.  I figured I'd start soon and went about my business. …

Such a Hog

Our house is old and therefore not the most efficient when it comes to heating and cooling.  That coupled with the fact that I am not to keen on spending 250-300 dollars a month for PG&E means we have a little space heater to keep our toes warm on these cold winter nights.

Only problem...

Abner is a total heater hog.  He will shove his fat little body between you and the heater and literally soak up 90% of the heat for himself leaving you with a crappy 10% to warm freezing toes. 


About 20 Pounds Ago...

He was so tiny that I could hold him and not lose circulation in my arms.

Kitty goes for a swim

Admittedly, Ryan is not a cat person.  He doesn't care for their flippant attitude, mood swings, or dirty looks; why he married me then is a complete mystery, but I digress. 

A few months into our relationship I brought up the idea of getting a kitten.  It would have to live at his house because I couldn't have pets at my place, but I thought it would be a nice addition.  And because I hadn't ruined Lilly's life enough on my own. 

Over the next few weeks I searched obsessively every day on the kitty rescue website we did some research and found a kitty that seemed perfect.  She was rescued along with her siblings and was one of the last ones that still needed a home.   I visited her before agreeing to adopt her and when she crawled in my sweatshirt, up on my head and down my leg I knew she was the one. 

She and her attitude settled right in.

About a month later we made the brilliant decision to take a trip down to Santa Barbara with Lilly and the new kitten in tow.  …

Clean Floors

Dirty Diapers...

That's right internet, get ready for way too much information and a whole lot of fun because this family of crazies, and my waistline are about to get bigger.


Today I am blogging from my phone because our computer decided it was a good idea to contract yet another virus! That is 2 in the past 3 weeks if you wanted to keep track. I think this is a sign that we need to start backing up. You would think loosing everything not once, but twice in my life would be motivation enough but apparently it hasn't been.

I promise I have funny stories and exciting news coming so stay tuned. Hopefully to your computer, not your phone

Just a taste of what it is like to be married to me...

because if I gave you an entire spoonful you'd gag.

We all know that I am a bit odd, in a good way of course, but still, painfully odd.  And that I like things a certain way and things in a certain place.  We also have discussed how repetitive noises make me want to kill myself and that sometimes I say things before I consider weather or not they are nice.

That being said, picture it, Ryan's car on a Tuesday afternoon, pouring rain.  I had just been granted a gift from the hair frizz fairy, aka I got into the car just before the rain started, and we were on our way.  As we drove along, the rain started to get stronger and stronger until it was like someone pouring cups of water on the windshield.  Ryan of course has the windshield wipers on as fast as they will go so he doesn't drive into a ditch and the rain is so loud (a sound I actually quite enjoy) that I don't hear the wipers clicking and swishing.

Well, after a few miles the rain begins to lighten up and finally …

Up in the air

Not sure how a I feel about the new blog design.  I was hoping for candy cane stripes or something more festive, but I suppose this will do for now.

I am sure how I feel about this...


Christmas card will not disappoint this year

Through a dogs eyes

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
It is not self-seeking, nor easily angered.
It keeps no record of wrongdoing.
It does not delight in evil,
But rejoices in the truth.
It always protects, trusts, hopes, and preserves.
There is nothing love cannot face;
There is no limit to its faith, hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things that last forever:
Faith, hope, and love;
But the greatest of them all is love.
-- 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 I'm talking about the love you receive from animals, specifically dogs.  Yep, dogs.   I happen to believe that the purest form of love comes from animals.  They love recklessly, intensely, without limit, and expect nothing in return. They never wonder what is in it for them, or try to play with your emotions.  They wear their hearts on their sleeves, no barriers to protect them, assuming that you will take care of their hearts.  
And most of us do, but I can't get o…