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Deep Breath

This is another one I started about two years ago that I decided to add onto and post.  It could use some editing, okay a lot of editing, but as you can tell from the overall lack of posts, I don't have make the time to write so I definitely don't edit!

September 2016
I've spent most of my life thinking that I was broken, that I was a person who needed to be fixed.  I was convinced that I was the only one who didn't have this life thing figured out.  Why did I cry all the time?  Why were seemingly simple tasks like making a phone call so difficult?  Why was making small talk with people so hard?  Why did other peoples emotions effect me so deeply.  Why was my inner voice talking ALL THE TIME?  Why did I pick up on other people's energy so intensely?  Why wasn't I just normal!  Like seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me!  To be honest I still often feel this way but there has been a shift over the past few years and it all started with me realizing that I am…