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Long lost reality

I fear that we have lost touch with reality.  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and I'm sure a lot of other social media sites that I'm far too out of the loop to even acknowledge have taken over our perception of real life!  This is not real life, people, this is the INTERNET!  A place where a pedophile can be an 8 year old girl and prey on children in chat rooms.  A place where the profile picture doesn't always match the person.  A place where medical advice is handed out like gossip on Google, and a place where ANYONES life can look glamorous and perfect!  Just use the proper filter.

I am guilty of it, we all are.  You sit down to peruse Facebook or Pinterest and ten minutes later you feel like a lazy asshole who hasn't done shit with her life.  The pictures of beautiful dinners prepared from someone's latest "Pinned" recipe.  The pictures of date nights with wine, and heads thrown back in laughter.  And let's not forget all the pictures of gorgeous…

"Egg, egg, egg, egg, egg"

This phrase has echoed through my house for over a month now.  Ever since I pulled out the Easter decorations and designated certain plastic eggs as Caches', he has been obsessed with all things egg.

 He has always liked to eat eggs, but now we must carry them to bed, to the bath, in the car.  We break them 33,409 times a day and say, "uh oh." making mommy fix them while she is trying to cook, eat, pee or breathe.  Needless to say, we had quite a bit of fun dying and hunting eggs this year. 

He was turning into The Incredible Hulk

I'm so glad that he is old enough for the fun stuff! 
Next year, the bunny might leave foot prints...