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Hold tightly

In the wake of the unthinkable tragedy in Connecticut, I have heard countless people, from an older gentleman I'd never met at 7-11, to the President of the United States say that we will all hold our children a little bit closer.  So imagine my shock when Dr. Drew, who I'm not the biggest fan of, and Supernanny, who I'm also not the biggest fan of, were discussing whether or not it is appropriate for parents to allow their children to come into bed with them if they are scared in the next few weeks.

ARE YOU SERIOUS!!??  Why is this even up for discussion!?  What is the fear in holding our children AND each other close?  Are we really scared that we will create codependent children by loving them too much?  I just don't understand!  What on earth could we possibly gain by pushing our children away when they need us most?

We are becoming so disconnected form human touch it's scary!  We hardly even speak face to face with people anymore as it is, and now some "e…

A different look

I am in my own little world, I haven't even heard of the horrific tragedy.  I turn on the news and see a soft spoken 7 year old girl recounting the incident,  "A lot of the kids said they had a stomach ache afterwards."  So do I sweetheart, so do I.  And so I spent the next hour watching CNN through a teary glaze until I could watch no more.

This post is likely to offend some, but my hope is to make you take a step back and alter your perspective just a little bit.  I kind of wrote this in the few moments I had here and there so bare with me, or skip this post.

First, when are we going to WAKE UP!?   How many more lives need to be lost before something is done about the ROOT of the problem.  And I'm not talking about metal detectors at the doors of our elementary schools, either.  I'm talking about the stigma that still surrounds mental illness and our BROKEN system!

We are failing the mentally ill and their families, FAILING!  And as a result, innocent people a…

The good

I told you there were some good, fun, and unexpected things that also happened during the shit storm that was the past few weeks, and here they are...

Thanksgiving, I love Thanksgiving.  Last year I was on a very restricted diet and could have NOTHING but vegetables and hummus, a hard boiled egg and a only good because I was desperate, gluten free cranberry cake.  This year though, I had it ALL, and it was delicious.  Of course Caches smashed all my food that I don't like touching into one huge pile and put his fingers and 4 different spoons in my food, but that's okay, we enjoyed our meal.  Vegan turkey and all the trimmings mmmmmmm :)


A visit to great grandmas house.  Caches has only one great grandparent and she lives in Modesto.  We see her all to rarely so we decided to take a little family trip to visit a few weeks ago.   Caches was actually a half way decent human being in the car and was pretty darn sweet with his great grandma.  We also go to see aunts and uncles!

It can't be...

It can NOT have been almost a month since I have written?!  Yep, it is.  Shit.  Okay.

I'm trying to decide whether to dedicate this post to a champagne hangover worthy pity party or an update on the wonderful, fun and unexpected things that have happened while I've been "away."

What was that?  You love self pity?  Me too?

*sips champagne*  Where shall I begin...

The week leading up to Thanksgiving Caches and I were both sick with a minor cold.  Not a huge deal, but it was the first time I had been sick since I was pregnant and let me just say for the record that  it is NOT fair to be sick at the same time as your baby!  It wasn't too bad though and we lived to make and enjoy yummy food for the fun family holiday.  I'll post pictures when I decide to write the good things post, this is about pity...mine.

The week after Thanksgiving I am not quite sure what the hell I was doing, but obviously it wasn't writing.

Okay, fast forward to last Sunday, not yester…