Happy Halloween

Our first Halloween was a success.  And by success I mean his costume kind of worked, he kind of enjoyed trick or treating...all 3 houses, and we made it to bed by 7 with only a few meltdowns. 

 I think the Black Widow costume was fitting as he is STILL trying to kill me...I was his web.  True in so many ways...

 On Sunday we carved pumpkins!  Caches was kind of interested, but not really...

 Abner on the other hand was PUMPED as usual and very, very helpful

 Ryan's pumpkin was a drooling cry baby...can you guess his inspiration?

Some Creep!

Family Fun

I am already looking forward to next year when Caches will be a bit more fun and possibly enjoy the carving, dressing up, decorations, etc.  If not, at least we have the dog!


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