You guys...

I'm back

It has been just over two years since I have written here.  A lot has changed, the followers I'm sure have diminished but I'm here, I'm still here.

To say that I haven't thought about writing in these past two years would be a complete lie.  I have thought about and wanted to write almost every single day.  But the excuses...oh the excuses!

Not enough time in the day. True

I'm not in the right head space right now.  True, but also all the more reason I should have been writing.

I really just want to watch tv and zone out after the kids are in bed.  So true

When I sit down to write all of my ideas seems to drift away and I just stare at the same blank screen until my eyes must look away.  True

I don't know if what I write reaches anyone or if anyone cares.  True

I need to bare my soul but what if people judge me.  True

So why did I decide to finally start writing again?  Because I can't not write anymore.  There is so much noise in my head.  So much noise!  All day every day.  All night every night.  The noise.  And it won't stop.  I think the only way to stop the noise is to write it down.

I need to write it down.

I have been getting little nudges from within to write, to get some things out, to tell the truth.  Nudges can be ignored.

But the past few weeks it has been full on shoving.  Yelling in my ear.  Pushing me off of a cliff.  You need to write this down, Anne.  You need to write this down like you need air to breathe.  And you need to do it now.


So here I go.

I must warn you though, it's going to be a little bit different than my previous writing.  It's going to be a little less humerus kid stories and a lot more let's get real about life stories.

I am going to try to stop myself from rereading each post 47329854 times and editing it to death.  I'm going to try to just write it down, hit publish and go hide in my room walk away .

There is going to be a lot more truth telling and a lot less fluff.  My truth needs to be told and while I sometimes struggle to speak the words, my fingers are brave.  Kind of

I can write it down.  I need to write it down.

I will still share funny, gross and heartfelt kid and family stories, but for a little while the focus is going to be on me.  And maybe on you.

Maybe you will see yourself in me.  Maybe you have been where I have been.  Or maybe not.


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