Of Course THIS Would Happen

I'm not sure if I ever wrote about it here, but when Abner was a baby he went into anaphylactic shock after receiving his puppy shots.  Thank goodness we were just down the street from the vet when I noticed that he didn't look quite right and ran back in where they were able to save his life.  Because of this, from now on when Abner gets shots he has to be both pre and post medicated and stay at the vet for a few hours of observation.  Can you say HIGH NEEDS...

Anyway, we are extremely careful with him and had never had a problem with his allergies until a few weeks ago.  On Saturday morning, after his morning pee, I noticed that his face looked a bit swollen.  I figured he got into something and gave him a Benadryl.  A few hours later the swelling was gone and he was fine...until Sunday morning when he was covered in HIVES!!

Assuming he was getting into something in the yard, Ryan and I scoured every inch trying to find what could possible be giving him a reaction.  It could have been a spider or a bee, but to be stung or bitten two days in a row seems far fetched...even for Abner.  Another dose of Benedryl and he was smooth again...Until Monday

Monday morning I noticed what looked like one large hive on his bottom. I kept a close eye on him and within an hour he was covered.  Not knowing what was causing the hives I decided to call the vet and bring him in.  At this point I was totally calm, then his breathing became labored.  I freaked out and called my mom who rushed over to take Abner in while I stayed home with Whiny Baby Crier Caches.

My mom arrived home about a half hour later with NO DOG!!  She explained that he was in full blown alaphylactic shock and we literally got him to the vet just in time.  10 more minutes and he probably would have died from his throat closing!  WHAT!!!??


I thought he just had a few hives.  NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think he was dying!!!  According to the vet, he was probably stung by a bee or bitten by a spider on Saturday when I noticed the initial swelling.  The Benadryl simply kept the reaction under control, but it kept reoccurring over and over getting worse each time.  I had no idea this could even happen!!

The vet kept him under close observation all day Monday and by late afternoon I picked up a very happy, doped up pup.  We now have the equivalent of a doggy epi pen, in pill form.  We have to keep pills with him at all times and if he is ever stung or breaks out in hives again we are to give him two pills and RUSH to the closest vet.  Just want I need.  One more thing the worry about. 

At least he doesn't seem to be upset about it.


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