To Do

I love lists.  Let me reiterate that, I LOVE LISTS.  I make lists for everything; The market, my day, shopping, household chores, you name it, I list it.  I think part of the reason I love to make lists is so that I can cross things off.  There is noting quite as satisfyingly as crossing things off of a list.  And when you get to cross off the LAST ITEM, pure bliss.  I even add things like "brush teeth" to my lists just for the satisfaction of crossing them off.  Or maybe it is because I can't even remember my own name these days, but I digress.

Pre-baby, my lists were ambitious and usually complete by the days end.  They looked a little something like this.  Walk dogs, laundry, iron, vacuum, steam mop, market, make dinner, work out, call so and so, email so and so, blog. 

Now my lists look like this.  Walk dogs, brush teeth, keep the baby from crying all day. 

Today my list looks like this.  1) Drink coffee 2) Resist selling the baby at Wal Mart. Seriously, that is illegal. 3) No Anne,  you can't sell the baby at Costco either 4) Possibly brush teeth

Some days it's just about keeping your head above water. 


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