Brain Check, Aisle 3

It is a rarity that I leave the house without my side kick but when I do, I FREAKING LOVE IT.  And I don't even feel guilty saying that.  Me, the guilt queen, NO GUILT.  It is like heaven in the car with no screaming and music, not white noise on the radio.  Then, when I get to my destination I have not one, but two whole hands and almost 25% of a brain to accomplish my errands.

So you can imagine my delight when a few weeks ago I got to go the market ALONE.  I gathered my shopping bags and was out of the house so fast I don't even remember leaving.  Once at the market I filled my cart and headed to check out in record time.  Ahh, I am nice...wait, NO where is my wallet?  Please don't tell me...I was doing so good...Shit, that 25% of a brain really let me down this time.

Yeah, since eliminating my purse for a diaper bag that I don't bring with me when I'm sans baby I tend to forget that minor detail.  I'm kinda like that friend that everyone has one of.  You know, the one that is always short on cash or "forgets" their wallet.  Well, not only was I that friend, I was also on a limited amount of time and didn't want to put everything back, drive home, and start all over but I couldn't exactly call Ryan to come help me.  AHH!  What's a lost mom to do?

Call her mom!!

I dialed my mom and the moment she answered I couldn't stop laughing as I explained my plight.  I told her I was at the market and SHE GUESSED THAT I FORGOT MY WALLET.  You guys, my mom can read my mind.  I explained to her that I was just so excited to leave the house that I didn't even think to grab a wallet!  Luckily she wasn't busy and drove immediately to the market and bailed my tired ass out. 

It reminded me that no matter how old I am, even as a mom myself, I still need my mom sometimes.  And someday, 20 some odd years from now, I hope Caches calls me to bail his ass out too.  Not from jail though.  He'll have to find some other sucker for that.


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