Before I married Ryan I heard many bits of advice as to when I would know he was the one or what needed to happen in our relationship before we got engaged.  The two bits that stand out in my mind are: 1. See the person in each of the four seasons and 2. See the person with the flu. 

The first is particularly important for me because I do NOT keep well in the heat.  Think of me as the mayonnaise at a Summer picnic, I'm the first to spoil.  Lucky for Ryan he met me in the Summer, in Fresno, in 100+ heat.  He got to see the real me real fast, because nothing brings out the bitch in me like 100 degree heat.  I remember reassuring him that come Fall I would be much more pleasant to be around.  Unfortunately come Winter I'd probably complain about being cold and in the Spring I'd probably complain about the rain, so basically, enjoy me for the 3 months that I'm only kind of crazy. 

I think we all have a "best" season and therefore this is a good bit of advice for couples.  It also gives you a good solid year to run away while you still can if your girlfriend refuses to ride in your car without AC, dramatically sighs and moans every time she has to go outside and/or will not enjoy life when it is above 80. 

Oh Ryan, you had your chance.

The second bit of advice I thought was kind of silly.  I mean yeah, it is good to see how your partner reacts when he or she is sick, but do I really need to see Ryan with the flu to know that he is going to be a giant baby?  Sorry love, but you, like many other men out there are. Then I gave us simultaneous food poisoning and now I see why that bit of advice is valuable.  You really should see your partner with the flu.  I mean nothing bonds a couple together like taking turns vomiting and having diarrhea for a full 24 hours.

Some of our most memorable experiences came from that horrible bout of food poisoning and we still get a laugh about it to this day.  Never are you more vulnerable than when you are sick and have no control over your bodily functions.  At first I was embarrassed and would RUN to the bathroom on the other side of the house but after a few hours I was like fuck it, what is he going to do, break up with me because he can hear me vomiting in the tub while sitting on the toilet? 

We spent a solid 24 hours together laying in bed, watching movies, eating popsicles, visiting the bathroom and caring for one another the best we could.  Looking back it was actually kind of nice.  I not only got to see how Ryan acted when he was sick but I also got to see how loving he was towards me, even with puke breath.  So, if you are in a new relationship I have a bit of advice for you before you walk down the aisle; poison your partner.  You will get to see their true colors and maybe even share a few laughs.


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