Sea of Change

I have been writing with blogger for a few years now and while I like it, I am out of free storage and don't want to pay ready for a change . I don't do well with change which may explain why it has taken me MONTHS to make this announcement but here goes: My blog will soon be moving. 

A work in progress would be a bit of a stretch because honestly, I haven't been working too much on the new site.  I have the best of intentions, but always seem to get sidetracked or choose five minutes with my eyes closed rather than working.  So I'm hoping that by announcing the move I will be motivated to work harder and get the new site up and running. 

All content will be moved over and hopefully, if I can focus long enough to learn how to do it, you will be able to search for content,  "like" me on facebook, sign up for an RSS feed, follow me on twitter and roll your eyes because why the HELL do you care what I'm tweeting?!? 

My hope is to get more followers/comments providing with motivation to keep writing.  Maybe I'll even get some haters.  Nothing like bored people reading something they don't like just so they can comment and feel better about themselves.  Haters, you are welcome too; I like you, I really do. 

So where is the site moving?  What will the new web address be?  Where can I buy a t-shirt and coffee mug? 

The new web address is:  All you will see right now is a mugshot of Caches, but hopefully over the next few weeks everything will be up and runnnig. 

Care to explain?  Why yes, I do.  Obviously it is a play on Anne of Green Gables, which by the way, I have never read, but I like the sound  of it and it is not easily forgotten, a household name if you will.  Anne, that's me.  Of, kinda needs to be there for it to work.  Green, I would consider myself a lover of the earth.  Fables, I tell stores here. 

As for the shirt and coffee mug, I would totally make you one if requested.


  1. I guess I should get started on your header then!

  2. So excited for the new site!! Put me down for a coffee mug.... The biggest f-ing size they make. And I'll spring for one for you, too. Zombie mommies rise again!!!!


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