Checking In

I PROMISE a real post is coming soon.  And since I capitalized promise, clearly that means it will happen, right?  I hope so!  I mean, I actually have things to write about.  Like Caches' black eye, slap cheek syndrome and mystery bruise on his left butt cheek.  The poor kid looks abused!  I'm half expecting CPS to show up on my doorstep...And I'd say take him away, please!

Kidding, of course, but with all the walking, crawling and exploring he's doing bumps and bruises are inevitable.  This kid isn't just walking, he is OUT OF CONTROL moving and shaking.  He's a little lightening bolt and I'm not the least big surprised.  One second he's right next to me chewing on a toy and the next thing I know he's making a break for the door, chasing the dog, teasing the cat, dumping the water bowl AGAIN or grabbing knives out of the dishwasher!!!  Maybe someone should call CPS? 

 His black eye is now in the "greenish" stage and will soon turn that gross yellowish color before it fades to reveal his slap and/or eczema cheek.  And because the doctor is unsure of what the rash under his eyes more dairy for me.  I'm not going to lie, I cried an ice cream flavored tear when I heard the news, but honestly, it is better for BOTH of us if I cut out dairy.  I always feel better when I don't eat a lot of it and the fact that it could improve not only his skin but mine is just an extra bonus. 

So, real post coming, and if I can rub these two remaining brain cells together long enough we may have a masterpiece.  For now, I'm going to eat a vegan cookie and go to 7pm...because I. AM. A. ZOMBIE.  Don't worry though, my cookie is vegan, no brains, yet.


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