Kinda Pathetic

Hey Anne, way to post about your new website and get all pumped and then drop the ball big time by not even touching the blog for a week+.  I'm fairly certain nobody lost any sleep over it, but sorry.  I really have no grand excuse or clever complaint this week, and I'm pretty sure you are tired of hearing that I'm tired.  So let's just put it behind us and move on, shall we?  This week I have had quite a few, "I should totally blog about that." moments,  I just never put pen to paper finger to key.  What was I going to write about but never did you ask?  Well I'll tell you...

I intended to write about how in one weeks time, Caches has gone from not knowing how to crawl AT ALL, seriously he would just lay there on his belly and whine, to now crawling all over!

I intended to write about how in this same week Caches has gone from taking only a few little baby steps to full on holy shit the kid is about to walk out the back door!!!  He is out of this world crazy excited about being on the move.  I still have some adjusting because it's happened so fast, but I am trying to rub my two remaining brain cells together and remember that the baby can MOVE! 

I was also planning on finishing up a post about my amazing husband but it remains unfinished.  It was his birthday this past Monday and I really wanted to have it ready to post by then but obviously that didn't happen.  It pretty much says how wonderful he is and that I'd probably be sleeping in a cardboard box on the street by now without him.  I will in fact finish it soon.

I even considered writing my thoughts on the explosive TIME magazine article about attachment parenting/breastfeeding but I think just about every single person on the internet has beat me to it. In a nutshell, I think it is a shame that TIME used such a blatantly inflammatory photograph on their cover sensationalizing the act of nursing a toddler in order to sell magazines and missing a real opportunity to share the ideas of attachment parenting. Sigh

I was even going to complain about how filthy my floors are due to the fact that I haven't given them a proper cleaning in months, yes MONTHS!  Oh call the floor police!  I'M TIRED!  Anyway, I was drinking my second cup of luke warm, sixth time microwaved coffee while Caches played on the questionably clean floor when it hit me.  I could probably turn cleaning the floor into a game that he would enjoy.  I was wrong.  All he wanted to do was drink the cleaner.  The floor is still dirty. 

So there it is.  A summary of my intentions for writing over the past 10 days.  Maybe this week I'll get some real writing done. 


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