34 Weeks

It is hard to believe that we only have 6 weeks, give or take, but let's be real here, probably take, to go.

I am feeling huge and blobby, not unlike the Pillsbury dough boy only far less flexible.  I have taken to blaming everything on the pregnancy because, well, because I can.  I have also officially reached the stage in pregnancy when if I bend over too sharply one of two things happen.  Either the contents of my stomach end up in my throat, or I get winded, it's awesome.

Speaking of winded, there were recently some changes made to our sleeping arrangements due to the fact that Caches was cutting off my already limited air supply.  I'd  literally wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air and feeling light headed.  This type of thing happens when your lungs are pushed up into your throat by a baby and then those already squished lungs are laid upon by a toddler.

It was an interesting process, trying to get him to sleep next to me rather than on top of me, and I wish I could say that it worked, but I won't lie.  I'll just say that it is a work in progress.  For the most part he will sleep next to me, and by next to I mean on top of my arm with his body pressed up against mine as closely as it could be without actually climbing inside of me.  Each and every limb must be making contact, and one hand must be on my skin at all times be it face, arm or chest.  Oh, and his head must be smashed up against me so that I get a mouth and nose full of fluffy blonde hair.  Once he settles into a deep sleep, I can slowly untangle myself from him and find a somewhat comfortable position, but when he stirs it's like a toddler Hannibal clawing at me and whispering, "I need your skin!  I need your skin, mama!"  It's not creepy at all...

6 more weeks that will likely fly by while simultaneously dragging on.  Here is the belly at 34 weeks.


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